Miniflux node for n8n

This weekend I started to write a little n8n node for the Miniflux RSS feed reader. The node is very basic so far, supporting the below operations:

  • Get all feeds: Retrieve all available feeds
  • Get feed entries: Fetch the individual posts from an RSS feed (can be sorted and filtered by read/unread/removed posts)
  • Update feed entries: Mark a post as read or unread

This covers my main use case (monitoring a bunch of product release feeds) for RSS feeds in n8n already which is why I have implemented these first. I’ll add some more functionality over time though. If you’d like to see a specific feature feel free to suggest it here on GitHub and I’ll see what I can do.

You can install the node through the Community Node option on the n8n settings page by entering n8n-nodes-miniflux like so:

Community node installation dialog

Why use Miniflux and none of the other RSS readers out there? It is an open source product, has a very minimal yet highly functional UI, great API support, and excellent filtering abilities. Meaning I don’t have to read stuff I am not interested in. Take for example the n8n version feed: Similar to the GitHub UI the feed doesn’t just include n8n itself but a bunch of accompanying packages such as the editor UI. Miniflux can remove these automatically from the feed using a simple filter like this:

Keep rule in Miniflux

Plus, it has a built in dark theme. So if you’re currently dealing with RSS feeds, Miniflux is absolutely worth a look. Check it out the website at